Cancelling the Export

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The progress dialog has a "Cancel" button. Pressing the "x" button on the progress dialog has the same effect. You will first be asked to confirm the action:




While this message is on the screen the process continues, it is not paused. If you confirm, the present message being processed will be completed and the export process will be shutdown. While this is going on you will see the following message:




When the export process has been shutdown, you will be presented with an "OK" button.




When you press this you will be returned to the setup dialog.


If you cancel an export partway through, you will be left with a partial export which should be valid up to the point at which it was interrupted. If you subsequently start the export process again to the same destination, any previous partial (or complete) export will be overwritten. If you re-export to Thunderbird, the indexes will need to be built again by Thunderbird, and all messages will again be marked as unread.