Courex Error Messages

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It is hoped that you never see an error message, but in case you do they are explained below. The most likely time to get an error is immediately after you click the "Start" button, when Courex does a number of checks. A typical error message looks like this:




When you click "OK", you will be returned to the setup dialog. The following error messages are possible, where <mailboxfile> or <outputfolder> are replaced with the actual file or path specifications.


<mailboxfile> does not exist


Courex has failed to find your Courier box file and/or you have typed the name of a file which does not exist into the "Courier Mailbox File" textbox.


Cannot open <mailboxfile> -  Is Courier running?


The mailbox file is locked by another application. The most likely cause of this is that Courier is running.


<mailboxfile> is not a valid Courier mailbox file (x)


The input mailbox file does not conform to the expected characteristics of a Courier mailbox file. There are a number of different ways this message may be generated, so it is followed by a number ('x' above is replaced by the number).


<mailboxfile> does not contain any email messages


The mailbox file you specified is a valid Courier mailbox, but it appears to be empty.


Cannot create or write to <outputfolder>


If you type a non-existent path into the "Export Destination Folder" text box, Courex will attempt to create it when you press "Start". If it fails, it will generate this message. The most likely cause is that a folder name contains an invalid character, but it may be that the folder is on a read-only disk or doesn't have write permissions. If you are performing an export to Thunderbird, this message might apply to the Thunderbird folder or the non-Thunderbird folder (which are different).


Records linkage error at location x


The Courier mailbox file appears to be corrupt. Running DBTool on it (part of Courier) may resolve the problem. If it does not, please report it (including the number which replaces 'x').