Exporting to Unix/Mac Thunderbird

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If you want to export to Thunderbird for Unix or Thunderbird for Mac, and you don't have Thunderbird installed on your Windows system, you can still export to a Thunderbird folder structure by checking the "To Thunderbird" option and selecting any arbitrary base folder for the export.


The "Courex.sbd" sub-folder (and an empty Courex mailbox file) is still created automatically under the folder you select. After the export, the whole folder structure under the selected folder can be copied to "Local Folders" (or any other folder you choose) in the target Thunderbird system. If none of the Courier folder names conflict with folders already in the "Local Folders" folder of the target system, you can treat the Courex.sbd folder as the "Local Folders" root. You can also rename the Courex.sbd folder before you copy, but if you do this, remember to preserve the ".sbd" extension, and give the 0 bytes "Courex" file the same name as the folder's root name.


The same comments about the secondary files, Address.csv, Accounts.txt and Export.log, apply as for exporting directly to a Thunderbird system under Windows. That is, they are written to your "non-Thunderbird" export folder, not to the same folder as your email messages.


To repeat:


Secondary files will NOT be written to the same folder as the Thunderbird mailbox files. To see and change where they will be written, uncheck "To Thunderbird". The secondary files will be written to the "Courex" subfolder of whatever path then appears in the "Export Destination Folder" text box. Then recheck "To Thunderbird". This will restore the mailbox folder to the "Export Destination Folder" box.