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Courex does not need to be installed. It consists of only one stand-alone EXE file. It is supplied in a ZIP archive together with this documentation. It can be extracted to any convenient location on your hard disk and run from there, or it can be run direct from the ZIP archive.


Courex does not contain any viruses or spyware and will not alter your original Courier database in any way. But you should always play it safe. Run the archive and/or the executable through your virus/spyware checker and make a backup copy of your Courier database (BOX file) before you start.


If Courier is installed on your system, you will find it easier to keep a safe copy of your BOX file somewhere else then work from your original BOX file. This is because Courex will automatically locate the BOX file from the Courier installation to save you from hunting for it. Further, if you are re-integrating separated attachments, the attachment files must be available in their original location.


After you've exported your Courier database you won't need Courex anymore so you can delete it, or keep it in an obscure corner of your hard disk if you're a sentimental sort of person. The same applies to the eml/mbox files created by Courex after they have been imported into your new client (unless, of course, you have used the "direct to Thunderbird" option or intend to keep them for archive purposes).