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Courier is a registered trademark of Rose City Software. Courex is independently-produced, is not a part of Courier and has no connection with Rose City Software.


Grateful thanks to all who helped test Courex, in all it's versions, and provided valuable suggestions for its development. Without their contributions, Courex would not work as well as it does on such a wide variety of mailboxes, would be less usable and would be missing several important features.  Special thanks to Manlio Fierro, beta-tester extraordinare, who single-handedly drove the development of version 1.1.


While every effort has been made to ensure that this software fully meets fitness-for-purpose expectations, Courex comes without warranty of any kind. It's author will not accept liability for any loss or damage, direct or consequential. If you are not prepared to take proper precautions and assume all risks of using this software, then do not use it.


Courex is copyrighted software. It is free to evaluate and use for personal use. If you wish, you may make an optional monetary donation, but this is completely voluntary and the software provided for download is fully functional. If you profit from use of Courex, such as use in a commercial environment, you are expected to make a proportionate donation. If you are an impoverished student (for example) please don't feel guilty about using it for free.


Courex may be freely distributed providing that no charge is made for it and the ZIP archive is distributed in its entirety, including documentation. The distribution package is certified to be free of malware of all kinds (no spyware, no adware, etc.).


Courex is copyright © 2007, Laurence Jackson. All rights reserved.


If you discover any serious issues with Courex I want to hear about them.


If an updated version is produced it will be made available here.


Courex will run under all versions of Windows from Windows 2000, including Vista.  It will not run under earlier versions.


For public discussion of Courex please see and use WindowsBBS.com