ConCellAttr function



Colors& = ConCellAttr (Row&, Col&)


Legacy Syntax:

Colors& = SCREENATTR (Row&, Col&)


Pseudo-object Syntax:

Colors& = CON.SCREEN.ATTR (Row&, Col&)


Gets a color attribute byte for the active console page.


Returns the attribute (color) of a character cell on the active console page (screen). The attribute is a composite byte value in the range of 0 through 255 (&HFF). The lowest 4-bits (low-order nibble) contains the foreground color attribute, in the range of 0-15, and the next 4-bits (high-order nibble) contains the background color attribute, in the range of 0-15.


If the coordinates are specified as 0,0, the default screen attribute (that which will be used for subsequent ConPrint calls) is returned.




#IF %DEF(%PB_CC32)

  Colors& = SCREENATTR (Row&, Col&)


  Colors& = ConCellAttr (Row&, Col&)



CON.SCREEN.ATTR or CONSOLE.SCREEN.ATTR may be substituted for SCREENATTR in programs written for PB/CC 6.


See Also: ConSetAttr, ConColor