ConInStat function



Boolean& = ConInStat


Legacy Syntax:

Boolean& = INSTAT


Pseudo-object Syntax:

Boolean& = CON.INSTAT


Determines whether an input event is ready to be retrieved from the console.


Returns a logical TRUE value (1) if a key press (except shift and lock keys) or trapped mouse event is available, or FALSE (0) if no events are ready.


Because ConInStat does not remove the event from the input buffer, if the event is not removed using ConInKey$, ConWaitKey$ or ConFlush, subsequent calls to ConInStat will continue to return TRUE. ConInStat is not subject to redirection.


The mouse must be enabled with the ConMouse and ConMouseOn commands for mouse events to be reported.




#IF %DEF(%PB_CC32)

  Boolean& = INSTAT


  Boolean& = ConInStat



CON.INSTAT or CONSOLE.INSTAT may be substituted for INSTAT in programs written for PB/CC6.


See Also: ConWaitStat, ConInKey$, ConWaitKey$, ConFlush