ConPageCopy command



ConPageCopy SourcePage&, DestPage&


Legacy Syntax:

PCOPY SourcePage&, DestPage&


Pseudo-object Syntax:

CON.PCOPY SourcePage&, DestPage&


Copies all text and color attributes from one console buffer page to another.


SourcePage& is an integral value from 1 to 8 that specifies the number of the screen page to be copied. DestPage& specifies the screen page to which the source page is copied. Text and color attributes on the destination page are replaced by the text and color attributes on the source page. Use the ConSetPage function to alter the active and visible screen pages. If either parameter is invalid, the entire operation is ignored.




#IF %DEF(%PB_CC32)

  PCOPY SourcePage&, DestPage&


  ConPageCopy SourcePage&, DestPage&



CON.PCOPY or CONSOLE.PCOPY may be substituted for PCOPY in programs written for PB/CC 6.


See Also: ConSetPage