ConScrollRight command



ConScrollRight [Cols& [, Row1&, Col1& [, Row2&, Col2&]]]]


Legacy Syntax:

SCROLL RIGHT [Cols& [, Row1&, Col1& [, Row2&, Col2&]]]


Pseudo-object Syntax:

CON.SCROLL.RIGHT [Cols& [, Row1&, Col1& [, Row2&, Col2&]]]


Moves all or part of the character cells right on the active console page.


Unlike the ConSetPageView command, which moves the view-port over a screen buffer that is larger than the visible window, this command actually moves a block of character cells within the screen buffer, and so is not dependent on a screen buffer that is larger than the window.


The Cols& parameter specifies the number of columns to scroll, with a default value of one. Row1& and Col1& define the upper left corner of the region to scroll, while Row2& and Col2& define the lower right corner. If neither are specified, the entire page is scrolled.




#IF %DEF(%PB_CC32)

  SCROLL RIGHT Cols&, Row1&, Col1&, Row2&, Col2&


  ConScrollRight Cols&, Row1&, Col1&, Row2&, Col2&



CON.SCROLL.RIGHT or CONSOLE.SCROLL.RIGHT may be substituted for SCROLL RIGHT in programs written for PB/CC 6.


See Also: ConScrollDown, ConScrollUp, ConScrollLeft, ConSetPageView