StdInEOF function



Boolean& = StdInEOF


Legacy Syntax:

Boolean& = STDEOF


Pseudo-object Syntax:

Boolean& = CON.STDEOF


Indicates whether or not end-of-file has been passed on standard input.


Returns TRUE (non-zero) if a previous call to StdInputLine encountered the end-of-file and so no subsequent calls will return data. Returns FALSE (zero) if the end-of-file has not yet been encountered and so the next call to StdInputLine may return data.


The end-of-file may be marked by a Ctrl+Z code (e.g. keyboard input) or by the physical end of the media (e.g. disk file). After StdInEOF returns TRUE it will continue to return TRUE on all subsequent calls, and StdInputLine will return no more data during this execution of the program.




#IF %DEF(%PB_CC32)

  Boolean& = STDEOF


  Boolean& = StdInEOF



CON.STDEOF or CONSOLE.STDEOF may be substituted for STDEOF in programs written for PB/CC 6.  The syntax " ... TO Boolean&" may be used instead of "Boolean& = ..."


See Also: StdInputLine