For my Dad


  1. Charmaine (Rapee/Pollack) - 2:36 - 1962
  2. Faraway Places (Kramer/Whitney) - 2:38 - 1963
  3. Whispering (Malvin & John Schonberger) - 2:25 - 1963
  4. Diane (Rapee/Pollack) - 2:30 - 1964
  5. The Stars Will Remember (Don Pelosi) - 2:52 - 1964
  6. I Believe (Drake/Shirl/Graham/Stillman) - 2:04 - 1964
  7. Ramona (Gilbert/Wayne) - 2:31 - 1964
  8. I Wouldn't Trade You For The World (Taylor/Smith/Kirk) - 2:41 - 1964
  9. No Arms Can Ever Hold You (Cafer/Nebb) - 3:05 - 1964
  10. Marie (Irving Berlin) - 2:23 - 1965
  11. In The Chapel In The Moonlight (Billy Hill) - 2:02 - 1965
  12. Love Me With All Of Your Heart (Rigual/Vaughn) - 2:04 - 1966

In the early to mid sixties, while the teenagers of the world (of which I was one) were getting acquainted with (and going wild about) The Beatles, Mum and Dad were listening to The Bachelors. At least, that's the way I remember it! So, hoping it will bring back some memories, I have put together a totally invented album of some of the best songs of The Bachelors from this era of their peak popularity, 1963 to 1965.

Their first charting single was "Charmaine", released in December 1962, coincidentally at about the same time as The Beatles first single "Love Me Do". The Beatles got to No. 17 while "Charmaine" reached No. 6! The Bachelors' only No. 1 came in February 1964 with "Diane" (at the height of Beatlemania!) but they also nearly got there with "I Believe" which got to No. 2 in May that year.

"The Stars Will Remember" is from the 1964 film "It's All Over Town" in which The Bachelors also appeared. It is curious to note that, before The Bachelors, Jim Reeves had also covered four of their biggest songs, "Charmaine", "Diane", "Ramona" and "Marie," in the 1950s, and that all of these songs were taken from 1920s movies. In fact, quite a large proportion of The Bachelors' early songs date from the 1920s.

Note that all the songs included here are the original recordings, with all the original distortion. The early Decca recordings seem to be particularly badly recorded. Many of the songs were re-recorded in later years with better quality, but only the originals properly evoke nostalgia!


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