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Creating a Toolbar

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To create a toolbar for the tools, as shown on the title page of this document, proceed as follows:


Open "Configuration" on the "Advanced" menu


Open "Toolbars / Menus" -- "Customization" -- "Customize Toolbar"


Enter "PBShell" (or whatever) in the "New Toolbar" box and click the left-facing arrow button on the right side.


Click on the name of the new toolbar in the left-hand side pane to select it.


Add the new tools to the new toolbar by selecting "User Tool 1", User Tool 2", etc. from the right-hand side pane then clicking the "Add" button (left-facing arrow).


Click "OK" when done, and click "OK" to exit the "Configuration" dialog.


You should now see your new toolbar on the UltraEdit ribbon. It can grabbed and dragged to your prefered position.


If you don't already have a PB "wordfile" set up in UltraEdit for syntax highlighting, etc., see the next section.