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PBShell Dialogs

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When shelling to the PB  or RC compiler, PBShell shows a dialog with one of the following messages:


Compiling resource file <resourcefile>


Compiling <sourcefile> using PB/?? v?.??


Compile & Run <sourcefile> using PB/?? v?.??


Syntax checking <sourcefile> using PB/?? v?.??


This dialog stays on screen for as long as it takes to complete the compilation (which may be just a fraction of a second). If there was a problem getting the include path, the above messages is replaced with a warning which stays on screen for at least three seconds (this may or may not lead to a compilation error).


Warning: Include path not found


On compilation with an error (PB compilers terminate on the first error found), an error message dialog will be shown and a DDE command is sent to the editor to show the source file in which there was an error, and position the caret at the line and column of the error. Both the contents of the dialog and the information sent back to the editor are derived from the compiler log file. The dialog looks very much like the one you would get if you ran the compiler directly, but it's not - it's a simulation based on the log file. The compiler is run with the /L/Q options - quiet mode (no dialogs) with output to log file. The log file contains exactly the same text that would be shown in the compiler dialog, so it's possible to simulate the dialog using using the log text. Additionally, the text can be scanned to provide the information needed for the DDE command to the editor.


On compilation without error, and if the /X option to run the compiled file is not specified on the command line, PBShell shows a completion dialog. Again, this looks very much like the native compiler dialog, but again is a simulation based on the log file text. If the /X option is specified, the completion dialog is not shown.


During pre and post processing command execution PBShell shows nothing on the screen.