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Adding Source Code Style

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Adding syntax highlighting and other language-specific features to UltraEdit isn't strictly speaking part of PBShell itself and can be done independently of the installation of PBShell.


I've been using this wordfile myself for about a year now since I last felt the need to modify it. But I cannot claim to have exercised every part of it (there are a huge number of reserved words in PB/Win9 and PB/CC5). I have tried to support PB/CC5 from documentation, but I don't use PB/CC myself.


The wordfile doesn't only specify syntax highlighting in UltraEdit. It also specifies how to generate the function list, whether the language is case sensitive or not, controls indenting and code folding, and specifies the comment styles and file extensions used for the language.


If you want to add my PB5/9 wordfile to UltraEdit, assuming you're using UltraEdit 15.x, proceed as follows:


Open "Configuration" on the "Advanced" menu.


Open "Editor Display" -- "Syntax Highlighting".


Note the path given in "Full directory path for wordfiles", usually:

 C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\IDMComp\UltraEdit\wordfiles


Close the configuration dialog.


Extract WORDFILE.ZIP to the identified directory (creates file "PB 5 and 9.uew").


Open "Configuration" -- "Editor Display" -- "Syntax Highlighting" again.


On the "Language Selection" list, you should now find "PB 5 & 9".


Select it and check/modify color selections.


"PB/Win", "PB/CC" and "Common" directives and keywords, and ASM keywords, are separately grouped so that they can be colored differently. How you chose to color these groups will probably depend on which compiler you are primarily using, as well as on what you are used to.


If you are using a version of UltraEdit earlier than 15.x (which is the earliest version that supports separate wordfiles), you will have to append the contents of "PB 5 and 9.uew" to "wordfile.uew" or "wordfile" (depending on which version you are using) in the editor. The language number will have to be changed also.