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What's New

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This version is designated v2.5, dated 3rd November 2009.


Updated for PB/Win9 and PB/CC5, including support for the #UTILITY metastatement for the pre and post compilation processing directives.


A new UltraEdit wordfile for PB/Win9 and PB/CC5 is supplied.


A few little bugs have been squashed.


If any previous version was started without a command line (if you just clicked on it in Explorer, for example) you simply got a terse message that said "No source file specified". Under those circumstances, this version now gives a brief summary of its purpose and directs you to more information.


I have given up any pretence that PBShell is for "any editor" other than UltraEdit, and have changed this documentation to describe using it with UltraEdit only. I have yet to find any other editor that it works with easily (although I haven't tried any other "premium" editor) and don't know of anyone else who is using it with any other editor. Thus, the usage description has been simplified. The fact remains though that all the DDE transaction messages are defined by equates at the top of the source file and these could, in principle, be easily modified for any other editor that has similar functionality.


First there was PBSHELL.EXE, then there was PBSHELL2.EXE, now the program name has gone back to PBSHELL.EXE. PBSHELL2.EXE was born when I was using both version 1 and version 2 in parallel, while developing version 2. With version 1 now consigned to history, there is no reason to keep the PBSHELL2 name.